Guys & Dolls Audition Details

Auditions will take place on Tuesday 24th November from 8pm in Scoil Dara, Kilcock (please arrive from 7.30pm for registration).

All audition pieces available by emailing or calling 087 6268403.

If you cannot make Tuesday 24th November, but are still interested in auditioning, please do contact us to arrange an alternative audition date.





Musical Number


Nicely Nicely Johnson

Large comedic role – Nicely eats all the time – whining sometimes – bit stupid. Very lovable character

"Sit Down You're Rocking the Boat"

Pages 9/10, 32-34 & 45/46

Benny Southstreet

Thinks he’s street wise but he’s not really – static jerky movements as if he’s “on the lookout” for something to happen – learning the “streetwise sense” from Nathan

"Fugue for Tinhorns"

Pages 9/10 & 32-34

Rusty Charlie

Gambler and laid back

"Fugue for Tinhorns"


Sarah Brown

Straightlaced Salvation Army oriented woman. She believes in what she’s doing. Has never explored the “other side of Sarah” – displayed totally after Havana in “If I Were a Bell” – wary of Sky as “all men are to be mistrusted”

"I'll Know" & "If I Were a Bell"

Pages 17/18, 40, 64/65

Arvide Abernathy

Sarah’s guardian – her protector – wants to do everything he can for her – sees Sky’s interest in her and is a helping hand to her breaking out of her shell – understanding and loving character

"More I Cannot Wish You"

Pages 16/17 & 48/49

Harry the Horse

A big lug – the heavy but stupid part of the operation – always on for a row – plays devils advocate


Pages 9/10 & 32-34

Lt. Brannigan

Long suffering Nemesis of Nathan – he hasn’t managed to “get” Nathan on anything and is desperate to “clean up the streets” – always foiled at every turn by Nathan’s plots and schemes as he’s always one step ahead of Brannigan


Pages 9/10 & 32-34

Nathan Detroit

Engaged to Adelaide for 14 years – sounds like he’s afraid of commitment? – shows his “gang of guys” that he’s top dog and with bluff and bravado can overcome any hitch – when Sky arrives he takes secondary place but thinks in his own head he’s his equal –  he does love Adelaide but is afraid of the consequences “marriage” will have to his “respect” on the gambling circuit and with his friends

"Sue Me" "Oldest Established"

Pages 9/10, 13/14, 24-26, 32-34, 56/57

Angie the Ox

Another of the “guys” - Will develop character


Page 12

Miss Adelaide

After 14 years of engagement she’s teetering on the edge – she has a permanent cold which in her head is due to not being married – loud – brassy – sassy – talks to Nathan like he’s her lost puppy come home – wouldn’t blame her as he doesn’t really keep any dates with her – she’s unsure of his commitment to her – covers her unhappiness with the huge character she is – see above “loud, brassy, sassy”.

"Lament" "Sue Me"

Pages 24-26, 32-34, 56/57, 64/65

Sky Masterson

A gambler, a suave savvy gent who knows everyone and commands attention from all his peers – he’s been there and done it all. His character changes throughout as we see “the bet” – “the seduction” – “the date” – “losing the girl” – “getting her back” – myriad of emotions here

"My Time of Day" "Luck be a Lady"

Pages 13/14, 17/18, 40, 45/46

Joey Biltmore

The garage owner who Nathan tries to get for his crap game. Will develop character


Pages 21/22


One scene for Mimi – her date has been cancelled due to Nathan’s crap game – she’s not happy!!!


Page 26

Gen. Cartwright

Very matronly – arrives to bring the news that the Mission will have to be closed down. Very straightforward and to the point. Commanding character. This is a woman Sarah, Arvide, Agatha and all the Mission Band will have to impress.


Pages 30/31

Big Jule

As the name suggests – this is a “boss” to be reckoned with – everything has to be what he wants or not at all - he is an opposite number to Nathan with his own “gang” and his own “rules” – as we see in the Sewer Scene – most of Nathan’s gang, including Nathan, is a bit afraid of this character.


Pages 32-34, 50/51



Pages 30/31

   *Other Roles named in script will be cast after all the above have been announced or during rehearsal process*