Audition Info

  • Character Auditions: Monday 3rd September, 7pm, Scoil Dara
  • Junior Registration/Induction: Sunday 9th September, 3pm, St. Josephs Hall. Registration fee of €5 applies, which will be taken off membership. We request parent(s) (of juniors registering) to be in attendance for this important registration event.
Auditons pieces are attached below - see PDF file.  Contact for script pages.
Audition time slots per characters:

Character                             Discription                          Time pm               Venue

Daisy                                      Cow                                      7-7.30                    All Scoil Dara

Fairy Ditzy                                                                           7-7.30                   

Witch 1                                                                                7-7.30                   

Witch 2                                                                                7-7.30                   

Chicken                                                                                7-7.30                   

Max                                                                                      7-7.30                   

Giant                                                                                    7-7.30                   

Jack                                        Hero                                     7.30                       

Jill                                           Heroine                                8.00                       

Anto                                      Funny                                    8.30                       

Deco                                      Funny                                    8.30                       

Lola                                        Dame                                    9.00                       

Lord Flatulant                      Baddy                                    9.00                       

Umbelievalbe Man             Funny/Hero Type                9.30                   



Recalls/2nd round auditions will be held on Monday 10th September from 8pm.